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I am running for the principal purpose of being a voice for fiscal restraint on the Board of Supervisors. I am not running for monetary reasons or to further a political career or agenda. Furthermore, I believe approving a budget that funds efficient County operations with the minimum necessary taxes, and providing effective constituent service, are a County supervisor’s two most important duties. Accordingly, if elected, I would pledge the following to Franconia District constituents.
Donation of Board Salary


I pledge to donate my entire Board member salary on a quarterly basis to a Fairfax County charitable organization.

My year one donations will be to:

1) Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Dept;

2) The Foundation for Fairfax County Public Schools;

3) Oar of Fairfax County Inc.; and


4) Fairfax County Park Foundation Inc.

Keeping Real Estate Taxes Unchanged

I pledge to only vote for an annual budget that keeps the residential taxes unchanged when considering both assessments and the real estate tax rate.


For example, if assessments increase 3%, I would only vote for an annual budget that decreases the tax rate by at least 3%. If assessments decreased 3%, I would only vote for an annual budget that increased the real estate tax rate by no more than 3%. In either scenario, the average real estate tax burden to County homeowners would remain unchaged.


This pledge is not wishful thinking, but in fact, quite realistic. Check out my plan on how it can be done.

Serving One Term

I pledge to serve one term and not seek re-election.


I will make decisions, take positions, and issue votes that in my judgement are solely in the interests of my constituents, and for no other reasons.

Constituent Response

pledge to strive for a 100% response rate to all constituent requests and questions.


I will ensure my staff logs all communications requiring a response into a database and provides me a weekly status report on resolved (i.e., closed) and open items.


I can’t pledge that you will like or agree with the response, but I believe it is of paramount importance to provide a response, good or bad.

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